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  Before product delivery, Yongji carries out the following tests and analysis on all the products:
  Dimension and Thread Gauge Inspection
  The dimensions and thread gauge of each product are screened by CCD.
  Mechanical Test
  Tensile test, impulsive force test, loosening force test, fastening torque test, etc.
  Hardness Test
  Yongji has various kinds of hardness inspection equipment to meet various requirements of customers on hardness inspection.
  Material Structure Analysis
  Many plates are subjected to hardening treatment to ensure correct riveting of fasteners in the installation process. Therefore, Yongji is also equipped with material structure analysis equipment for analyzing product structures to ensure the heat treatment meet the requirements.
  Coating Thickness Measurement and Element Analysis
  For surface-treated products, Yongji measures the film thickness of products by an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer and carries out product element analysis to ensure the contained elements accord with ROHS stipulations. Yongji laboratory is equipped with various kinds of ROHS inspection equipment to test elements contained in the products, to ensure all the products meet the environmental protection requirements stipulated in ROHS. All the limiting elements such as lead, cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chromium will be inspected, with their content displayed in the unit of PPM.
  Salt Spray Test
  Yongji carries out anti-corrosive salt spray test on all the products to ensure the surface treatment is consistent with customer requirements.
  Yongji quality management system:
  By TS16949: 2009, ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 and other management system certification, Yongji has established an effective quality management system, we focus on process control, strengthen process management, full participation, continuous improvement. The company pays attention to product quality advance check, the use of product quality traceable management; companies will regularly carry out quality training and guidance, so that staff awareness of the quality and stability improved to ensure the steady rise in product quality.
  Quality Certification:
  Yongji has made ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004, TS16949: 2009 and other system certificates in succession. We regard the quality as the lifeline for the development of enterprises, in accordance with the "high quality and efficiency, program management" and continuously improve product standards, and always higher than the industry standard for product production.

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