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Professionalism is our basis condition for survival. We persistently provide customers with excellent products and intimate services through professional and profound technologies as well as ordered and outstanding management capacity! A professional technical team provides you with high-quality safe energy-saving efficient products and services; a professional engineering service team provides you with timely comprehensive intimate quick after-sales services, to make your products achieve the optimal operation condition.





Think what users think, worry what users worry. Yongji provides customers with expert type services anytime and anywhere, as well as 24h customer service hotline, to realize 2h rapid response to valid complaints of customers, solving problems of customers by the quickest response.








Safety is the foundation of our service. We are devoted to creating a safe and efficient production environment for customers, guiding customers to solve safety problems existing in the usage of products and making elaborate safety management to run through the whole service, thus maximizing the value of the provided services.





All of our business activities are constant pursuit of customer satisfaction. Serving our customers, pursuing customer satisfaction and exceeding customer expectations are our unremitting pursuit. Respecting customers, understanding customers, continuously providing products and services exceeding customer expectations as well as being a partner of customers forever are the service philosophy insisted and advocated by us all the time.

  After-sales service provided by us executes strict supervision management mechanism. If users are dissatisfied with our technical service personnel or corresponding services are not provided according to contract service standards, you can directly give us a feedback. We will separately arrange more senior technical service personnel until our responsible leaders arrive at the site personally to solve the problems perfectly. In addition, we make the following promises:
  1. 24h telephone support;
  2. The warranty period after maintenance is 12 months. Within the warranty period of products, we will undertake all the responsibilities and are responsible for repair and replacement for free if the quality problems are caused by design, manufacturing and other reasons of our company;
 3. We promise to provide users with technical support continuously in terms of use, maintenance and application of products;
  4. If there are any problems of products after delivery, we will diagnose fault reasons and propose solutions within the shortest time to ensure normal use of products;
 5. We will arrange periodical return visit (the intervals of return visit are not more than half a year).

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