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1Electric Power & New Energy
Yongji provides high-quality fasteners for different kinds of equipment in the fields of both electric power and new energy at the same time. Our products have been applied to solar cell panels, power stations and nuclear industry. In the products, pressing rivets, press riveting nuts and precision screws have been widely accepted and applied by the global market.
1Office Equipment & Instruments
Yongji consistently provides different fastener schemes for the office equipment industry. Brass inserts and panel fasteners produced by our company have been widely applied to injection moulds and instrument panels. We are willing to suggest and help customers to realize their special requirements in special application fields with our own professional experience.
1Household Appliance Industry
Yongji provides many fastener schemes for numerous world well-known home appliance enterprises such as Haier, Hisense, TCL, Sharp, Fujitsu, etc. To meet their requirements of updating and replacing products, we constantly provides fastener solutions to meet their requirements on the development of new products such as press riveting bolts, TV press riveting nuts and all the other specific application equipment. Therefore, Yongji is your most trustworthy choice forever no matter when you need customized services for R&D of new products.
1Electronic appliances medical equipment
Yongji provides fastener schemes for world well-known electronic manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, LC, Lenovo, Omron, HTC, MI, etc. Based on accurate understanding for customer requirements, we provide them with solutions of customizing precision screws, rivets, nuts and other fasteners. All these schemes have been widely applied to mobile phones, smart phones, computers, notebooks, tablet computers, cameras, PCB, GPS and other kinds of electronic equipment. According to the characteristics of “Trustworthiness, Durability and Reasonable Cost”, we constantly optimize all the application schemes and bring the maximum benefit guarantee to customers.
1Automobile Manufacturing Industry
Yongji provides fastener schemes for the whole manufacturing industry of personal computers, home appliances, electronics, aerospace, automobiles, medical treatment, power generation, various kinds of new energy, etc. Yongji has realized professional seamless joint with customers, which constantly shortens the development period of products, reduces the cost and improves the product performance.

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