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Nourish people's livelihood by belief, and make implements to thrive China.
Embrace the dream of serving the country with industry, abide by moral norms of enterprises, adhere to professional exquisite skills, and promote the overall progresses of the industry!
Environmental Protection
In the philosophy of “Efficient Clean Production, Promotion of Sustainable Development”, our company takes environmental protection as an important content of our sustainable development, actively practices the development philosophy of “Environment-friendly & Energy-saving”, and strictly abides by national laws and regulations about environmental protection. Our company continuously perfects the management system, comprehensively complements the management system and establishes an emergency mechanism in environment protection and energy conservation & emission reduction management, and is devoted to establishing a long-term mechanism of environmental protection and energy conservation & emission reduction. As a group member unit of Jiangsu Renewable Energy Industry Association, our company has achieved remarkable benefits in environmental protection in recent years, winning good praises from relevant departments.
Social Public Welfare
Our company has constantly taken “help the poor” as a social responsibility to which we pay high attention. In the tenet of “Enterprise returns the society”, our company has raised funds in various channels and various modes and carried out “help the poor” and “deliver the warmth” activities for years. Besides periodical economic help for special difficulty groups, our company also cares for the growth of school children in telephone comfort, home visiting and many other modes, to give them help in our power.
Employee Rights Protection
Employees are precious wealth of an enterprise; enterprise survival and development cannot be separated from employees. Our company actively meets the requirements, expectations and fairness sense of employees, fully arouses the working enthusiasm of the staff, enhances the vitality of enterprise development, pursues common growth between the staff and enterprise, and advocates the philosophy of “Attentive Work, Happy Life”.
In the principle of “People-oriented”, our company has deeply put forward the work of talent seeking, utilization, award and cultivation, and established a set of talent introduction, training, utilization and encouragement mechanism. Our company continuously improves fair employment, employee benefits, labor union and other aspects in strict accordance with Labour Law of the People's Republic of China to guarantee legitimate interests of the staff, and helps the staff to grow rapidly by providing training and career development channels to constantly improve employee competence.
Protection of Supplier and Customer Rights
Our company always insists on the principle of common development together with every qualified supplier. Our company constantly states mutual trust, mutual benefits and common development with suppliers and other interested parties, and strives to coordinate the friendly relationship with partners, to create a win-win situation. Our company and suppliers will construct the strategic cooperation relationship of benefit sharing and win-win cooperation in the principle of equality and mutual benefits on the premise of abiding by national laws and regulations.
In the marketing thought of “Customer-oriented”, our company transforms from the original “Price Competition” to “Value Service” in a deeper level, and transforms in the tendency of “providing the value”, namely transforms from the traditional marketing values of meeting customer requirements on cost, quality, after-sales service and so on to a new marketing philosophy of not only meeting customer requirements but also creating customer value demands.

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