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Yongji is devoted to R&D design and production of high-precision screws, nuts, press riveting fasteners, turning fasteners, rotating shafts and other precision fasteners. Our products are mainly applied to electronics, machinery, innovative energy, aerospace, automobiles, communication equipment and other industry sectors.
We consistently provide customers with the best solutions and services from the whole R&D design and production to packaging and transportation of products.
We are devoted to providing the market and customers with high-quality most advanced and high-cost-performance products and services all the time.
Professional Skills
Yongji has 50 experienced engineers and excellent technicians who closely cooperate with marketing department to provide our customers with sufficient technical support and guarantee. Meanwhile, Yongji will provide customers with the most effective solutions in different fields by virtue of lower cost, more stable performance as well as more environmental products with higher quality along with constant updating and improvement of fastener schemes.
Engineering Skills
With ten years of chastening and forging experience, we have had a group of professional teams which can overcome difficulties and dare to challenge all, enabling us to provide customers with high-quality products and services.
R&D Center
Yongji R&D Center constantly updates and improves manufacturing processes, technical innovation and quality control methods, to provide powerful technical support guarantee for marketing departments, design departments as well as engineering and customer services. Meanwhile, we aim to provide the market with better methods for solving fastener problems as well as developing and exploring fasteners with more cost and time benefits.
Project Management
Cooperation: Yongji has a set of modern enterprise management system covering market department, sales department, engineering department, production department and customer service department with coordination and distribution of responsibilities, harmony and unification as well as ordered operation, thus solving various actual problems efficiently.
Quality: abiding by customer requirements and perfecting quality and environmental management systems (TS16949:2009, ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004) are eternally immutable business strategies of Yongji.
Logistics: the coordination and cooperation of professional production and logistics teams of Yongji can ensure timely delivery according to customer project plants and time. The delivery time can be ensured under both normal and emergency conditions.
Production Capacity
Yongji has various kinds of advanced production equipment, quality control equipment and laboratory facilities to meet the requirements of customers on quality, quantity and delivery time.

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